March DFW Deaf Happy Hour – Fort Worth

Posted by DHH DFW Admin on March 01, 2010

While I understand that some people are aware and others are not aware that DFW DHH now has a new host, Andra Speer. I have come across a few people who have been concerned about the changes in DHH and as your new host, I will try my best to listen to everyone’s feedback. My goal is to find new venues that DHH has not hosted at before rather than same locations. If anyone has any issues or concerns, please feel free to talk to me about it. See you at the next DHH! – Andra Speer

March DFW Happy Hour - Ft. Worth 

WHEN: Saturday, March 13, 2010
WHERE: Paddy Reds Irish Pub
ADDRESS: 903 Throckmorton St., Fort Worth, TX 76102-4817
PHONE: (817) 332-4747
TIME: 8pm til 2am 

Remember: No gang attire — dress casual! DHH DFW will maintain 21 years old and above for all DHH event which means NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.

 *** Please do not forget to tip and/or pay your tickets!! Please take care of your bills. (NO MATTER WHAT!!) ***

Also if managers/employees of any bar and grill say they are closed at 2am, please respect their wishes.. I know most people like to continue catching up on conversations and etc, but that is what IHOP and Denny’s is for!! ;) Any questions, comments or concerns – email us at or under DFW Deaf Happy Hour group on Facebook.!/group.php?v=info&gid=298634423031

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